Backed by Science

Every ingredient we use is deliberately chosen for its clinically proven benefits. All of our products use proprietary blends that are specifically formulated, with the help of Veterinarians and consultations with pet behaviorists (who go through even more school to get that degree!). Together we create products that have both primary and secondary health benefits for your dog.

Hooman-Grade Quality

We use a simple formula with healthy ingredients to create a gentle calm for your dog! In addition to our simple formula all of our ingredients are human grade. While the dosage in our products might be a little too small for your own calming, you can feel good about giving them to your fur babies. We wouldn’t make products we wouldn’t take ourselves.

Our Founders!

The PetPax Co. founders, Anthony and Nathan, met each other at Babson College while studying for their masters degrees. They immediately got along and bonded over their mutual love of their pups. However, both of them soon realized their dogs suffer from different forms of anxiety. As they discussed this with friends and family they realized everyone seemed to know a dog that had some trouble calming down or struggled with car rides, visits to the vet or guests over for dinner! What was worse, their friends and they themselves, had spent so much on products that didn’t help at all. Nathan and Anthony, with backgrounds in pre-medical studies and their veterinary partners, set to work coming up with a faster, healthier, more effective solution that didn’t include pharmaceuticals or CBD. That is how ZenMelts were born!

"Hi, I am Nathan and this is Mocha on my left and Luna on my right <3"

Anthony and I founded a pet wellness company, PetPax Co., because we quickly realized that our own fur babies had real and dilapidating issues that we could actually solve with a combination of science and business.

My fur babies, Luna & Mocha, both have separation anxiety (in different forms) that used to plague them when my husband and I would leave them at home. It killed me to see them this way, and to hear about it from our neighbors because they would get so loud - all signs of normal anxiety that millions of pups face on a daily basis.

Anthony and I decided to make better products for our own dogs, because they deserve them, and thus, PetPax Co. was founded.

Hi, I'm Anthony, and I’d like you to meet Pacé!

Nathan and I met at Babson college, the #1 school for entrepreneurship, and immediately hit it off. We determined that creating a better calming product for our own anxious dogs was our first priority.

We then realized that pet wellness is something we both believe in wholeheartedly, and so we set out to better the lives of our canine and feline companions, one innovative product at a time.

Pacé is my best friend, and he’s been with me through life’s highs and lows. With ZenMelts, it’s my turn to do something for him, and all other pups! We created ZenMelts to help boost our pups natural calming process. We are not stopping there, we are excited to introduce an entire suite of holistic pet products!

Community Oriented

Our founders know how important vibrant local communities are to our own health and well being as well as that of our pets! So we have pledged, as a company, that we will support local animal facing nonprofits. That’s why we are building our Neighborhood Nonprofit Network with local animal and dog charities that you nominate and then we donate a portion of our proceeds to help foster strong communities where our PetPaxers live and work! 

Committed to
Making a Difference

PetPax Co. designs our products with our own dog’s and pets in mind - if you follow us on social media you know that we are obsessed with our dogs! We aren’t joking either - ask any of our pups! If you’re not following us @petpaxco on insta and tiktok you are doing something wrong in life! Join our PetPaxer community online today! 

We Won’t Stop!

Here at PetPax Co. we are constantly looking to improve and innovate our products. We started with strips, but we are always striving to find the next best way to help your fur babies. We will be with you every step of the way. Reach out and let us know what you love about our products and what pet issues you need help with in your day to day lives with your pets!

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