Dr. Lauren Makowski

- Veterinarian

Dr. Lauren Makowski, a veterinarian at high volume Colorado Vet Hospital, serves as one of our board members. She actively collaborated with us by engaging with behaviorists to discuss our formula and provided valuable recommendations for adjusting the formula for peak calming aid for dogs. Dr. Makowski also personally administers ZenMelts to her own dogs!

Recently, she introduced ZenMelts to dogs at the shelter affiliated with her Vet Hospital, and achieved remarkable success. ZenMelts were able to help one shelter dog in an acute situation transition away from injectable calming medications! Her regiment of ZenMelts allowed her body a break from Rx calming medication for several days at a time during this acutely stressful time in the shelter! Currently, Dr. Makowski is collaborating with the hospital's head veterinarian to develop a dosing protocol for animals both before and after medical procedures. So that there can be situational as well as daily ZenMelt regiments available for the pups at their practice.

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“They melt smoothly on the dog's tongue, ensuring they can't spit them out. They are super fast-acting, and are crafted from all-natural, human-grade materials. I give them to my own dogs when we have workers at the house and for thunderstorms! We have also started using them on shelter pets and hospitalized pets to help keep them calm and relaxed!“

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How they're made!

The science of ZenMelts, where innovation meets canine tranquility! 🐾✨ Crafting these science backed oral thin films for your anxious dogs at PetPax Co. is nothing short of a paw-some!

We start by selecting top-notch ingredients – chamomile, melatonin, l-theanine, and tryptophan, all known for their anxiety-relieving effects. But we don’t stop there! To make them irresistibly tasty, we sprinkle in a hint of cheese flavor, because why not make relaxation a delectable experience for your pup?

Our skilled manufacturers with decades of experience mix these ingredients into a soothing solution, ready to help you and your pup cope with stressful situations as they arise! Our manufacturer uses state-of-the-art thin film-making machine. With precision and care, the solution is delicately spread, creating a thin layer that holds all the key veterinary backed ingredients of serenity for your doggo.

After the ingredients are added and the mixture is created the next crucial step is the drying. We have to achieve the perfect thickness and consistency for the optimal experience for you and your pup. Drying is a delicate balance but we like to think of it as the first warm hug from our drying ovens for your pup to kick start the serenity for them. The process is a symphony of meticulous monitoring to ensure each film retains its integrity and effectiveness.

Once the masterpiece is ready, our thin film takes center stage, gracefully lifted from the platform and shaped into bite-sized pieces of zen. Each piece is individually sealed, promising freshness and potency.

But the real magic happens in your dog’s mouth! 🎩✨ These films, designed for swift dissolution, let your pup experience a rapid wave of calmness within a minute. No more wrestling with pills or playing hide-and-seek with injections – ZenMelts are the superhero sidekick your anxious dog deserves.

Say goodbye to stress and hello to a world where comfort and relief come in delightful, cheese-flavored melts. ZenMelts by PetPax Co. – because every dog deserves a taste of tranquility!