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Discover Daily Use ZenMelts - Help your pup calm through stressful situations!

The non-drowsy and non-habit forming calming supplement designed to alleviate stress and anxiety in dogs. Our formula goes beyond mere alleviation, offering a comprehensive solution that:

Is great for nervous or anxious dogs

Helps channel energy into non destructive behavior

Elevates your dog's calming experience

Harnesses the power of Nature to create a gentle calm

Choose ZenMelts - a natural pathway to tranquility for your hyper or anxious pups, especially during holidays like the 4th of July & NYE!

Rated 4.5/5 from 20+ reviews

30 Strips

($1.33 per strip)


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60 Strips

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90 Strips

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Do yourself a favor by ordering some ZenMelts

give ZenMelts daily for a happier, healthier pup!

Directions for Dosage

For optimal results, we recommend closely following the recommended dosage according to your dog's weight. 

How long will each pack last?


30 Strips

60 Strips

90 Strips

under 20lbs

8 weeks

16 weeks

24 weeks


4 weeks

8 weeks

12 weeks

over 55lbs

2 weeks

4 weeks

6 weeks

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Help Your Reactive Dog with Daily Use

ZenMelts serve as a natural aid to help your dog cope with daily struggles. For reactive dogs, daily use of ZenMelts can be instrumental in training them to be less reactive over time. With our convenient subscription option, you'll never run out - just choose the right cadence based on your dog's weight.


Swift Serenity with Rapid Absorption

Experience the ZenMelts magic of rapid absorption! ZenMelt’s oral thin films dissolve swiftly in your pup’s mouth, helping to create a lightning-fast onset of action in just 60-90 seconds for most dogs. Say goodbye to the agonizing 45-minute wait – your pup will be calm without being drowsy, so you can seamlessly continue your day in any situation.

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Effortless Enjoyment with Convenient Administration

Administering ZenMelts can be a breeze! No more struggles with reluctant pill-taking – simply open the strip packet, offer it to your pup, and watch the stress melt away. It’s not just easy for you, but a delightful experience for your pup too with our yummy cheese flavor!


Zen Anywhere, Anytime with Portability

Take ZenMelts on the go! Our lightweight and portable thin films require no water, allowing you to carry them effortlessly in your bag, car, or during travel. Be prepared for any stressful situation your pup might face – anytime, anywhere.


Precision in Every Strip with Accurate Dosing

Trust in accurate dosing! ZenMelts’ thin films boast precise drug dosages, ensuring your pet receives the perfect amount for ultimate calmness, based on your pups weight! By bypassing the stomach, our strips maximize absorption, delivering a smaller dose with a powerful impact – with appropriate dosing, there’s no risk of over sedation, just optimal relaxation.


Enhanced Effectiveness & Bioavailability

Elevate the effectiveness with enhanced bioavailability! ZenMelts surpass competitors by bypassing first-pass metabolism. Unlike traditional products, our dissolvable strips mean that your pet receives the full benefits with minimal wastage.


Stress-Free Moments for Pets and Parents

Embrace harmony with ZenMelts! Bid farewell to the struggles of wrestling your dog into taking pills or dealing with messy tinctures. Our easy-to-give melts not only help with your pet’s compliance but can also help eliminate stress for both pet and parent – because our pets are part of the family!

With ZenMelts tranquility is just a melt away!

Choose ZenMelts by PetPax Co. – where tranquility is just a melt away!

The #1 Choice For Dog Owners

4.5 | 25+ Reviews

SO MUCH easer than giving a pill

"Starting my own business was not easy and having two kids under 4 is not easy but giving a ZenMelt is! They dissolve so quickly on the roof of my dogs mouth and are SO MUCH easier than giving a pill - I love them!"

- Alex D.

We are so excited to have a resource like ZenMelts

"We just completed a move with our two amazing pups in tow. The process of moving is always a stressful time for dogs and people alike! We are so excited to have a resource like ZenMelts to help the goodest boys transition to their new home and lives. We want them to feel safe, happy, and healthy always, and ZenMelts helps us do this! Thank you ZenMelts for keeping a smile on these faces!

- Sam L.

I've been really surprised by their improvement

"Recently I’ve been walking the dogs... I’ve been really surprised by their improvement. They’re a lot more confident, less shaky, and don’t bark nearly as much. I’ve been recommending ZenMelts to all my clients, who are absolutely loving them. So take it from someone who works with dogs for a living."

- Grace A.

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