How To:

Why shop PetPax Co.?

Should I give my dog supplements?

Here at PetPax Co. we are obsessed with pets! We always work with industry best practices leveraging over 100 years of institutional knowledge and vet verified ingredients! We are committed with our team to formulate simple, human grade, high quality supplements for your dog and for our own! Our ingredients are clinically proven to support your dog’s health and overall well-being. We know that when your pup is feeling good, it helps the whole family feel good!

What are concerns that would require me to give my dog supplements?

Our ZenMelts supplement should be used for health maintenance, for general health improvement and can help support healthy stress relief. Giving your fur baby high quality foods and supplements on a regular basis can help maintain most aspects of health. Here at PetPax Co, we work with Vets on our formulations, as well as using the best quality, human grade ingredients, so you can feel good about giving our products to your pets.

Does my dog get all the necessary nutrients in their food?

Mostly it depends on your dogs diet but there are so many factors on top of that such as their age, breed, activity level, and more! Food supplements give your pup nutrients that are missing from their normal diet. Plus health supplements help keep your dog on their A-Game.

At what age should my dog take these supplements? Can puppies take these?

Consult with your vet before starting a supplement. Our Melts are designed based on weight, so you can give them to a dog at nearly any age! Our ZenMelts should not be given to pups under 12 weeks or pregnant mothers. You will find that your dogs needs and conditions change over time. Supplements for health and prevention of stress are a good way to positively impact your dog’s long-term health and wellness. 

Safety & Quality

Who makes PetPax Co.’s products, and what are their credentials?

We work with Veterinarians to formulate our products and then we manufacture our Melts in a facility that adheres to current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) compliant facility that is Safe Quality Foods (SQF). Our team works hard to find the best manufacturing partners, source the highest quality, human grade ingredients, and partner with suppliers who live up to our standards of testing, safety, and quality. We use our supplements with our own dogs so clean, simple, health formulation is an essential part of our product. We follow industry best practices, draw on institutional knowledge and consult directly with vets and pet nutrition experts for all of our products all before even beginning the manufacturing process. We also have every batch verified by a 3rd party lab in Cambridge, Massachusetts for health, safety and quality checks! 

What food safety inspections are undertaken?

Every batch of our Melts is lab-tested before leaving the manufacturing facility and comes with guaranteed analysis. Thats not enough for us! We don’t cut corners and have every batch tested by a third party laboratory for efficacy, impurities and traceability of the ingredients. 

Where can I find detailed ingredient information and directions for use?

You can always find this information on each product’s page in our shop at Additionally all of our labels review detailed ingredient information and we include directions for use in every packet. Plus, we LOVE hearing from you so reach out anytime to

Efficacy & Administration

How many servings should I give my dog?

We base the servings on weight. But remember that we suggest:

  • 1 - 20lbs: 1/2 Melt per day
  • 21 - 55lbs: 1 Melt per day
  • 56+ lbs: 2 Melts per day

How do I get my dog to eat these daily?

We formulated all of our health supplements as oral thin films, which means that they are easy to give because they melt on your dog's tongue or roof of their mouth. In addition to that we focused on flavoring our strips with pet friendly flavors that most dogs love - like cheese! So lots of dogs eat them like treats, but if your dog doesn’t quite take to them, you can stick them to the roof of their mouth to dissolve, especially as their daily use is good for their health!

Is it okay to mix your Melts with other medications?

Our products are meant to supplement your dog’s usual diet to improve their health and wellness. All of our active ingredients are natural, human grade vitamins, minerals and amino acids and should not react with other medications as they are found naturally in their existing diet. However, we strongly recommend discussing the active ingredients in our Melts with your veterinarian if you have any concerns, especially if your pup is taking medication(s), is pregnant or has a pre-existing health condition.

Packaging & Storage

Is your packaging safe for my dog?

While we wouldn’t suggest you let your dog nibble on our packaging, we make sure that all of our supplements are individually vacuum sealed so that they stay fresh and are contaminant free. 

Is your packaging recyclable?

For PetPax Co. sustainability is a top priority! All of our miniPax are biodegradable and our cardboard packaging can be fully recycled to minimize our environmental footprint

How long do the Melts last in their package?

If stored in a cool place our products are shelf stable up to 2 years! But we know you and your pup will love them so much you'll use them all up long before then!

Shipping & Returns

Where do you ship?

We ship to all 50 states, and offer free shipping on subscription orders and orders greater than $35. Once processed, most orders will generally take 1-2 days to ship and an additional 3-7 days to deliver depending on the shipment destination. We do not currently ship to PO boxes, APO/FPOs, or international addresses.

Can I return my product? Can I get a refund?

We offer 100% 30 day money-back guarantee. However, we know that your pup will love our Melts, but more importantly, feel healthier with consistent proper consumption. If you or you’re wind up unhappy with our product, just email us and we’ll make sure to get you sorted out with a refund.